Hello everyone!

In case you haven’t noticed, a new liturgy isn’t coming this week, or for a couple of weeks. I have final papers to write which are taking up all my brain space. New liturgies will be back the middle of May, but in the meantime I’m lost in Higher Education Chaplaincy, mentoring Students of Color at Predominantly White Institutions, splitting students’ spirituality into practical steps towards meaning-making and worldview expansion, and whatever the fourth class will be (oh my goodness she hasn’t even told us yet!).

May your worship be blessed and your lives filled with love. I’ll see you on the flip side.


Good Friday Tenebrae, April 14, 2017

This service is not my own, but it is the one that, quite literally, I inherited from my mother.  Who knows where it was before that.  I am copying here from a 2004 bulletin, but this could be any year since.  The changes come with what music is used in between be it sung by a choir or hymns.  Note: make sure that there is enough light left by the end to be able to see the hymns as needed and especially to keep reading the scriptures.  That was an awkward year yup.

Each of the readings can be read by one voice, or as a good alternative is to have a very simple readers’ theater where the evangelist, Judas, Disciples etc. each are spoken by different voices.

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