Maundy Thursday C, March 24, 2016

Exodus 12: 1-4 (5-10) 11-14
Ps 116: 1-2, 12-19
1 Corinthians 11: 23-26
John 13: 1-17, 31b-35



One: Tonight we sit down to dinner with our Lord.
All: We remember the story of how God saved our people in a time of trial.
One: Tonight we sit with our Lord who is about to go to his death.
All: Let us walk with him on this journey.  Let us not fight having our feet washed by the servant of all.  Let us come and worship our servant Lord.


I love the LORD, because he has heard my voice and my supplications.  Because he inclined his ear to me, therefore I will call on him as long as I live. (Psalm 116: 1-2)



Oh Lord, we are not paying attention.  We do not fully see what you are doing for us – for the world.  We are too busy taking care of tasks, saving our own skins, and living a life of distraction.  We are too busy knowingly and unknowingly hurting others of your creation.  Tonight we come to your table guilty.  Yet we know that we must come here before you and bare our souls to be made clean.  Oh gracious God, wash us and make us clean.  Make us fit to be your people again.  Amen.



Our Teacher and Lord, you have washed us and made us clean.  We humbly thank you.  And as those claimed by you, you told us that as you washed our feet we should wash one another’s.  You said “just as I have loved you, you also should love one another.”  Dear ones, in the name of Jesus Christ our Teacher, your sins are forgiven.  Now go forth and love as you have been loved.



Tonight is the reason why we come to this table.  This is the night when our Lord sat at table, loved others even when they would betray him, and changed the world forever.  This is Christ’s table, made holy by his body and blood which he taught us to represent with this bread and cup.  This is Christ’s table and no one can deny you coming to it no matter how worthy or ready you feel you may be.  Come.  Receive nourishment, and be made whole.



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