Second Sunday of Easter C, April 3, 2016

Acts 5: 27-32
Psalm 118: 14-29
Revelation 1: 4-8
John 20: 19-31


One: We can not help but share news of the good things that have occurred.
All: Joy for our Lord’s return is on the tips of our tongues. How can we keep from singing?
One: We can not help but be bathed in the Peace of Christ.
All: Our holy one, the Alpha and Omega, has returned to equip us with the Holy Spirit. 
One: This morning may we be witnesses to the risen Christ.
All: We come to worship the one entrusting us to spread his peace. 


Gracious God, we come to you today with the story fresh, the direction not yet decided, and with there still being many things to fear. Today may we sit with your disciples as they learn your way. May we discover ever more what it is to live this life in you. May we see and understand you joining us in our midst and giving us your peace. Amen.



The Lord knows our limitations and loves us anyhow – just as he loved Thomas. Let us come before our God, baring ourselves honestly and humbly.


Oh living Lord, you are the beginning and the end, and we can not fathom your depths nor heights. We believe yet need your help in our unbelief. We receive your Holy Spirit yet do not spread your peace. We retain the sins of others and do not forgive as you call us to do. Oh Christ of our best and our worst, forgive us in your almighty power and wisdom. Amen. 


“Receive the Holy Spirit.  If you forgive the sins of any they are forgiven.” Christ who loves us beyond imagination knew that we would hide away, would do wrong, would fail. Yet even so he had confidence in us such that I can declare to you that in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ, your sins are forgiven. Live as a people freed and forgive others.



Jesus told us to render unto Ceasar what is Ceasar’s and unto God what is God’s. As we reread the stories of the beginning of this new kingdom Christ wrought, we are again given the opportunity to give unto God what is God’s – everything we have and everything we are. Let us bring forth our tithes and our offerings.



“Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever.” May the gifts we bring forth today go to furthering your love and continuing your work here in your creation. Amen.



Even Thomas was welcomed by Christ. Those cowering inside a locked house? He loved even them and gave them his peace. Would he deny us a place at his table as broken and sinful as we all are? No. Christ loves us in spite of ourselves – because of ourselves. Come to Christ’s table and find peace.

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