A prayer

I love seeing the array of flags from all over the world who visit here. It gives me such joy! But right now my heart is breaking for my homeland, and so if you will indulge me, I offer this prayer. 

Oh God of unending love and peace, we have turned so far away from you. We have no understanding of what it means that every single one in your creation contains part of you.  We instead prioritize. We instead place values on the shades of those around us. We instead dehumanize those we can’t see as brothers and sisters. We instead kill souls and bodies and neighborhoods and peoples whom you call “beloved.”

Almighty, may we help you comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable. May those families and communities drowning in sorrow be held and supported in your love. May they ever increasingly feel less alone. May we in communities of privilege and power open shut eyes and admit that we are not living righteous lives of right relationships.  May we yearn for your living, freeing justice rolling down like waters. May no one need to steal bread or fight for dignity because everyone is provided for. May we not just grieve or get mad or worse become ambivalent. May we instead take a hard look at the actual world around us and vigerously act to change it. 

Sometimes the pain runs so deep that only a silent scream reverberates. Creator of all and defender of the downtrodden, may we hear your silent scream in the face of what we have done and are doing. May we repent, turn around, and live in the truth that black lives matter, too. 

Lord, listen to Your children praying,
Lord, send Your spirit in this place;
Lord, listen to Your children praying,
Send us love, send us power, send us grace. Amen. 

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