Transfiguration of the Lord A, February 26, 2017

One: We are here to worship a Lord we think we know.
All: Yet sometimes God’s glory overwhelms us.
One: Kings and rulers would do well to tremble before the holiness.
All: We hope to not run away but instead to learn.
One: We serve a God of great power and might.
All: May we listen and not be afraid.  Let us worship God.

O Holy One, just when we think we know you, you surprise us and are wholly “other” and scare us.  Just when we feel like we are close to you, you seem farther away, and we cower and do not know how to react.  Please help us remain humble and able to see you in new and unfamiliar ways.  Help us understand that you are beyond understanding, but yet as close to us as our own heartbeat.  May we be your people today, fearing you and offering you hospitality and devotion.  Amen

We are called to fear the Lord and not be afraid.  We are shown the glory of God and to not be afraid of this majesty.  Let us come today, unafraid and without pretension, before the Lord.  Let us confess our sins.

Gracious God, when we meet you too often we are either immobilized by fear or turn away, overwhelmed.  We either do nothing or just give up and follow other gods than you.  Instead, we wish we could keep your decrees and follow your statutes.  But we are broken, we do not pay attention, and we disobey your law.  Forgive us, we pray.  Help us learn to live in your transforming glory instead of running away from it.  Help us be your people.  Forgive us, please.  Amen.

Dear ones, you are not abandoned.  The glory of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are reaching out to you, telling you that you need not fear, and pulling you in to action.  I declare to you that, in the name of Jesus Christ, your sins are forgiven.  Now go and live unafraid in God’s name.  Amen.

When faced with terrifying beings, Peter offered them hospitality for he knew not what else to do.  Let us learn from Peter.  Let us bring forth what we have, and offer hospitality to everyone we meet.  Let us bring forth our tithes and offerings.

Lord, please accept these humble offerings that we bring before you today.  They seem but a pittance in the face of your might.  Yet you meet us, tell us not to be afraid, and help us get up and do what needs to be done.  May all we have brought forth – may all that we are – go to further your will and your way.  Amen.

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