Second Sunday in Lent A, March 12, 2017

Pensive Lent to you all.

One: God calls to us with promises and words that we may not comprehend.

All: We keep listening for what is to come.
One: Christ shouts out the promises of life being born anew.
All: We visit at night and do not understand.
One: The Spirit is blowing in and through you, pushing you forward.

All: Lord, help our unbelief that we may be born anew and trust you.

Holy Lord, scripture is full of heroes and those who had a hard time trusting and following you. We hope to be the heroes, but, more often than not, we are in the company of those who come to you under the cover of darkness. Instead of following you willingly, we don’t even understand the instructions and are stuck in our own confusion. May today we have some light shed on your vision for us. May we keep listening and asking and learning. May we be your faithful pupils. Amen.

We are not quick to trust and do as we are called. We are not ones to perfectly follow God’s guidance and direction. Let us empty ourselves and confess our sins before the Lord.

Gracious God, we hear the story of Abraham and want to be him. But we fall short, do not trust you, and only really want the glory and status. We forget the difficulty of being yours. Instead we are more like Nicodemus. We hide our faith in you coming out only at night. We want to learn, but seem unable to understand. We want to trust and follow you, but instead we continue living harmful lives full of deceit instead of your love. Forgive us, please. Help us come to you in the light and follow you in your ways. Help us be your people once again. Amen.

Dear ones, Christ declared: “God did not send the Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him.” Go forth from this place knowing that you are not abandoned to your own devices but instead lifted up and moved forward by the Holiest of Holies. In the name of Jesus Christ I declare to you that your sins are forgiven. Now go and live into life. Amen.

We are not here to serve our own needs but to serve the Lord’s. We bring forth our beings and all that we have to do God’s service. As Abraham fully trusted God with his entire self, let us also trust the Lord and bring forth our tithes and offerings with joy and thanksgiving.

O God, may we understand your will and help what we have brought forth today from our pockets and ourselves go to fulfill your way. May we help spread your promise of life eternal. Amen.

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