I have been quiet – too quiet – and I am sorry.  The crazy month of June is over, and I hope to be getting back to more writing beyond just discourses on student leadership.  And although it is Saturday and I am just now getting to the bulletin for tomorrow (typical), here is an Invitation to the Table that I just wrote which rests well with me.  May this find you all well, and if you are singing any national hymns tomorrow, I hope you have included Lift Every Voice and Sing.  The work is not yet done.

We gather at this table today that unifies and, sadly, divides.  As God’s people we have decided that differences can not come together into one, and so we come to this table remembering all of our brothers and sisters who do not sit together.  But we also come as descendants of Abraham, the longed-for promises kept more numerous than the stars.  We come to gather strength in order to go out and be the face of Christ to the world around us.  We come to find company, make peace, and prepare ourselves until we come here again.  No matter whether or not you feel your name should be on the guest list, it is.  Come.  Be fed.  Be loved.